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Frustrated by the challenges of tax fraud and revenue leakage? Look no further than All Soft Corp, presenting groundbreaking solutions designed to revolutionize the way governments tackle tax evasion. With our state-of-the-art tools, we empower tax revenue authorities to combat key issues such as non-issuance of invoices, devaluation of cash payments, fiscal module manipulation, and even fake tax stamp issuance.

Join the forefront of the tax compliance revolution and safeguard your financial integrity today. Unleash the potential of your tax revenue authority with All Soft Corp - the partner you can trust to enhance tax compliance and secure your financial future. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving unprecedented success in tax revenue collection
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About All Soft Corp: Innovating for a Secure and Efficient Future

Welcome to All Soft Corp, where we are committed to revolutionizing the way governments and businesses operate by providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance security and efficiency. With a strong focus on increasing tax revenue collection and combating tax fraud, we have become the go-to partner for Ministries of Finance and Tax & Customs Administrations across multiple countries, including Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, and Estonia.

Through our high-quality solutions, we have successfully narrowed VAT gaps, leading to significant increases in tax revenue for governments.

We also extend our expertise to the private sector, offering robust B2B solutions focused on brand protection and tackling illicit trade. With All Soft Corp by your side, manufacturers can safeguard their brands, prevent counterfeit products from flooding the market, and ensure a level playing field for legitimate businesses.
We pride ourselves on being trendsetters in IT innovation, bridging the gap between the public and private sectors. Our mission is to create a more secure and interconnected future for all, empowering governments and businesses alike to embrace the opportunities presented by technology.

Our Vision

At All Soft Corp, our vision is to unlock unseen value for our customers, helping them realize their full potential. We strive to be the catalyst that opens their eyes to new possibilities and achievements through innovative software solutions.
We take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes, ensuring dedication and accountability in every project.
Excellence in Results
We are committed to delivering superior results that exceed expectations, focusing on tangible impacts for our clients.
Innovation and Clarity
We embrace innovation, aiming to simplify complex challenges with creative and effective solutions.
We prioritize efficiency, making the best use of our resources without compromising on quality.
We uphold the highest standards of ethics, ensuring honesty and transparency in all our dealings.
Customer Focus
Our clients are at the center of everything we do. We strive to deeply understand their needs and deliver tailored solutions that build lasting relationships.
Continuous Improvement
We are dedicated to lifelong learning and professional growth, staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry.
Our guiding principles inspire every decision and action, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. These principles ensure that we consistently provide exceptional value to our customers.
All Soft Corp T&T Suite
Brand Protection
ID Issuer
Fuel Marking System

All Soft Corp T&T Suite

All Soft Corp T&T Suite is a versatile track and trace software designed for various products, not limited to food. This solution ensures product safety, compliance, and transparency throughout the supply chain while enhancing efficiency. It has a proven track record of adhering to EU standards and offers a modular, user-friendly approach to maintain consistent product quality and build consumer trust. With end-to-end tracking capabilities, it empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern supply chains effortlessly

Unparalleled Tax Stamp Security & Efficiency

Experience the power of All Soft Corp' Tax Stamp Security features, designed to ensure utmost protection against fraud and streamline tax administration. Our digital QR codes, physical security features, and the AllSoftCorp suite Stamp system offer a comprehensive solution for tracking, auditing, and reporting. With over 2.5 billion tax stamps printed and €500 million in excise tax revenue increase, trust All Soft Corp to bring unparalleled efficiency to your tax compliance process.

Advanced Tax Fraud Detection with AllSoftCorp suite Control

Introducing AllSoftCorp suite Control, the ultimate solution against tax fraud. Stay one step ahead of fraudulent entrepreneurs with our advanced detection tool. Leveraging the power of digital technology, real-time communication, and biometric features, AllSoftCorp suite Control ensures an efficient, transparent, and secure inspection process. We offer seamless integration with AI capabilities, allowing you to experience enhanced tax compliance and fraud detection like never before.

With All Soft Corp by your side, you can trust that your tax compliance process will be transformed. Say goodbye to fraud and inefficiency, and embrace the future of tax administration. Get started today and witness the unmatched efficiency and security that All Soft Corp brings to your organization.

Transforming Invoicing with All Soft Corp eInvoice

Embrace a smarter, more efficient invoicing process with All Soft Corp eInvoice, designed to combat tax fraud and streamline VAT management. By creating digital copies of invoices and storing them in a central database, eInvoice eliminates common fraud issues, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances tax collection. Experience a transparent, effective system that offers significant time and cost savings for businesses, tax authorities, and state institutions alike.

Unleash All Soft Corp' AllSoftCorp suite Receipt: Your Ultimate Receipt Management Solution

As a tax revenue authority, maximize your efficiency with AllSoftCorp suite Receipt. Our solution offers full visibility and control over every receipt issued in your country. Seamlessly implement our backend. Real-time receipt collection and automated processing deliver comprehensive reports for both government and entrepreneurs. Elevate countries transactions management, drive compliance, and optimize revenue collection with AllSoftCorp suite Receipt. Contact us now to unlock its power.

Revolutionize Expense Management with eWallet

Say goodbye to lost or fake cash receipts, accounting overload, and manual errors with eWallet. Seamlessly store, categorize, and track expenses using QR codes, making it simple to manage both personal and business expenditures. Enjoy features like fraud reporting, automatic accounting imports, and various visualization tools for a comprehensive financial overview. By integrating eWallet with tax administration databases, businesses can streamline tax processes, prevent fraud, and enhance overall financial management.

Brand Protection - Safeguarding Your Reputation and Consumers

Brand Protection is a proactive solution that empowers companies to combat counterfeiting and protect their brand's reputation. Our consumer app enables customers to verify products and report suspicious items, while our system generates millions of unique QR codes linked to product details. With cloud-based storage, client access to data management, and robust analytics, IDIssuer Brand Protection is a comprehensive tool that not only safeguards your revenue and credibility but also ensures customer safety and trust.

IDIssuer - Transforming Tobacco Track & Trace

IDIssuer revolutionizes tobacco track and trace by providing a comprehensive system for EU-wide compliance with the Tobacco Products Directive. As the trusted provider for four European countries, IDIssuer offers unique benefits like a high-capacity algorithm, just-in-time code generation, and easy data migration. A user-friendly web interface, robust integration options, and multilingual support make this solution adaptable and accessible for various economic operators. With IDIssuer, managing tobacco traceability has never been more efficient and secure.

Fuel Marking Solution - Securing Revenue and Combating Fuel Fraud

Our Fuel Marking Solution is a comprehensive program developed in collaboration with Authentix Inc., the global leader in authentication solutions. This advanced system uses secure molecular markers, mobile and central laboratory control analyzers, and an intelligent information management system to effectively mitigate tax evasion, subsidy abuse, and minimize financial losses. By enhancing tax collection effectiveness and safeguarding local economies, our Fuel Marking Solution delivers key benefits to governments, consumers, and refineries/distributors, ensuring a secure and transparent fuel supply chain.

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